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states, hurricane sandy. for that, we go to chief meteorologist david bernard from our miami, florida, station wfor. dave, tell us what you know. >> reporter: all right, good morning, bob. all right the weather is starting to affect the mid-atlantic states and the outer banks of north carolina. we can see sandy's rain bands already spreading well inland. this is a massive storm so the weather is going downhill today for the entire east coast. now, this is the wind field forecast. this is for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll have tropical storm-force winds overspreading almost all of the east coast of the united states, and the hurricane-force wind gusts will begin moving onshore during the day tomorrow, last through tomorrow night, and probably into tuesday morning as well. you can just see how massive this storm actually is going to be. and that's why we're so worriedly about the storm surge danger. if you're being asked to evacuate, you definitely need to. this is going to bring a tremendous amount of water near and just north of wherever the storm eventually makes landfall. and be
sandy, stay with us. ,,,,,,,, >> schieffer: we're back with david bernard from wfor fair final update on hurricane sandy. david. >> bob, we're looking at a really big storm here. this is the latest information just in from the hurricane center, and the storm is moving northeast at 14. it's about 500 miles south of new york city, and the track remains the same. we're looking at a landfall tomorrow night, early tuesday morning, somewhere between the long island sound and ocean city, maryland. and along just north of thereux there's going to be a tremendous storm surge. look at the size of the hurricane. already those bands affecting portions of the east coast, really gigantic and the wind field with it is incredible. tropical storm-force winds by tomorrow morning will reach from boston all the way to wilmington, north carolina, and during the day tomorrowlet hur kaness-force wind gusts will overspread most of the i-95 corridor and those damaging winds are probably going to stick around right into tuesday. when we see those kinds of winds, bob, we're going to have to worry about widespre
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)